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The Long Island History Project

It’s a long island with a long history. Want to hear it? Interviews with historians, scholars, authors and anyone with a story to tell and a passion for this unique region of New York.

May 22, 2020

Our sojourn through the hallowed pages of the Suffolk County News from 1920 hit a speedbump this week when it turned out that no digital copy was available online. To help us sort things out, we called on Chuck Henry.

Chuck is the IT Coordinator for the Northern New York Library Network (NNYLN). Part of his job is helping to keep things running at the New York State Historic Newspapers website, shepherding millions of pages of New York newspapers from their frozen microfilm existence to a new life in a free and open digital database.

We learn more about the operations and origins of NNLYN's work, what treasures lurk within, and how more people should be exploring New York's varied past.

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